Group Coaching Party

Men are from Mars and a night with Sick of Single will teach you how to Invade Mars! We host the below parties:

  • Find Your Husband - we cover how to pick your best match, meet quality men, determine if your date is your future soulmate, sexpectations and so much more over drinks, laughs and fun dating games.

  • How to Talk to Men - be too clever to argue.  You'll learn your communication style and your partners communication style.  Then, we'll provide you with the best techniques, approaches and scripts to get you what you want without resistance or resentment. 

  • Date Your Husband - we cover the things you must do to reignite the spark, passion and excitement you had when you were dating over drinks, laughs and fun dating games.

  • Custom Parties - tailored to the topics and issues you need the most coaching in.

Shop Talk

Sick of Single wants to bring a surge of clients to business on an off-peak day. In addition to wine, sweet treats, exciting dating games & more! We want to partner with:

  • Hair & Nail Salons

  • Fitness & Dance Studios

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Clothing Boutiques

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