What is Sick of Single? 

Sick of Single is a dating coaching firm that teaches single women how to love themselves more. And how to develop a deep, healthy  connection with the man God has for them.

How do I begin working with SOS?

By clicking here to register for our Free Dating Masterclass for Single Women. During the masterclass Annie's going to teach you: 

  • How to meet quality men

  • How to date with purpose
  • How to manage sex during the dating process

  • How to stop dating the wrong guys

  • How to love yourself more

  • How to heal from heartbreak 

  • How to become a client and more!

What can I expect when working with SOS?

A proven system of success that'll lead you to lasting love. During your coaching program you'll receive: 

  • Two monthly coaching calls

  • Two monthly group coaching sessions

  • Weekly masterclasses and workbooks from Soulmate School (SOS' online coaching platform)

  • Weekly accountability emails to keep you on track

  • Unlimited text and email coaching support and

  • Induction into our private client forum​

What is the success rate of SOS?     
Our success rate is over 90% with clients who consistently do their workClick here to read some of our clients love stories and be inspired by the successes they achieved through their coaching program. 

Where is SOS based?

​​We're located in Philadelphia, PA. However, we have clients in countless cities around the world. So no matter where you are we can serve and support you ❤️