What is Sick of Single? 

Sick of Single is a coaching firm that teaches people how to have healthy relationships. 


How do I begin working with SOS?

By clicking here to register for our Free Masterclass. 

What can I expect when working with SOS?

Your coaching program will include: 

  • On demand coaching via five courses in Soulmate School 

  • Lifetime access to the content and any content upgrades​

  • Exclusive invites to group coaching calls at an additional fee

  • Induction into the SOS private client community 

  • Lifetime access to the community so long as you adhere to the community guidelines

  • Unlimited coaching support in the facebook community 

  • Exclusive invites to private client events at an additional fee

Where is SOS based?

​​We're located in Philadelphia, PA. However, we have clients in countless cities around the world. So no matter where you are we can serve and support you ❤️