• Has a man ever begged for your time only to waste it?

  • Has a man ever manipulated himself into your heart, head and bed by misrepresenting his intentions and reason for being in your life?

  • Have you ever felt so stupid for falling for a man’s representative once you discovered who he really was?

  • Do you want to ensure these things never happen to you again?

If yes, your Masterclass is going to teach you:

  • How to design your custom dating plan so that a man shows you his character and commitment to you through consistent actions and effort 

  • How to determine if he’s a goal-getter and not just a goal-setter who’s too lazy to work for the things he wants so you don't fall for potential 

  • How to ensure he's financially stable and will be a provider who'll give your financial provisions before you give him your heart
  • How to pray with, worship with and love each other the way God called you to love one another 

  • How to test a man for any other custom criteria you're looking for
  • How to flirtatiously schedule dates using You Plan, He Pays and Next Date, Next Day so you never have to wait on a guy to ask you out again


Your Masterclass also comes with the below limited time bonuses:

  • The Date with Purpose Planner

  • The Dating Dos and Donts checklist

  • Induction into a private forum to connect with me and keep me updated on your road to the ring as you implement your dating plan


Not sure if you should invest? ​Here's what our clients are saying:

Annie White has been ranked a Top 25 Dating Coach and Relationship Expert in the country for coaching dozens of women to marriage, engagement and relationships. She's an expert contributor on FOX News where she provides skillful dating and relationship advice.

She’s giving a TEDxTalk on November 2nd 2017 regarding how to find Mr. Right. She has also been featured in The Philadelphia Daily News for her expertise in helping women find the perfect partner.

When Annie first began this work she was trained by Paul C. Brunson, Patti Stanger and other industry leaders at the Matchmaking Institute in NYC. Due to her successes, she now trains dating coaches and matchmakers at the Matchmaking Institute in NYC. 

Although, SOS is based in Philadelphia, PA; SOS has clients in more than 20 cities across the country.
Click here to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Annie. 

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