If yes #NextDateNextDay is going to teach you:

  • You Plan, He Pays to schedule a first date in 24 hours or less 

  • Flirty ways to schedule the next date, after a great date

  • When to transition from public dates to private dates (so he doesn't get too comfortable too soon, and you don't fall too fast)

  • How to position yourself to be pursued and courted consistently 

  • Flirty follow ups to confirm an upcoming date

  • And how to take control of your love life so you're no longer at the mercy of men


  • Has a guy ever shown interest in taking you out, but hasn't planned anything, and you want to know how to move things along?

  • Do you struggle getting a guy to take you on more than one date?

  • Do you want to learn how to get a guy to call instead of text you?

  • Are you tired of guessing and stressing about how to manage the dating process?

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  • 3 Places to Meet Men When You're an Introvert (42 minutes)

  • The Flirting Mistakes You Must Stop Making (53 minutes)

  • 3 Ways to Be More Approachable to Meet More Men (44 Minutes)

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