• Coaching on Approaching is an opportunity to go out one-on-one with Annie to the venue of your choosing and get hands on training that includes: how to start conversations with men, screen men, exchange digits, flirt for freebies and more! 

  •  As well as, feedback on what you can be doing better. So you can have a higher conversion of call backs when handing out your personal business card. And so you can perfect your flirting skills.

  • Click the below button to book your private Coaching on Approaching for $500/hr + travel (if you're more than 30 miles round trip from Annie).

  • Or you can travel to Philly to do a Coaching on Approaching with Annie at a venue of your choice. 

  • Coaching on Approaching is typically $1,000/hr, but you receive a 50% client discount while in the program. This discount does not apply to travel costs.

  • You can invite another client along for $100 per person per hour.

  • You can invite non-clients for $100 per person per hour. The non-client investment also includes a Coaching on Approaching masterclass that will educate them on how to be a fluent flirt and advanced approacher. 

  • Your Coaching on Approaching must be used before your program ends. Otherwise it expires. 

  • We can't wait to turn the venue of your choice into our playground!

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