Your 6 month coaching program includes the following: 

  • Two monthly coaching calls 

  • Two monthly group coaching sessions  

  • Unlimited email and text coaching support for 6 months

  • Weekly accountability emails to keep you on track

  • Six courses in Soulmate School (SOS' online coaching platform) 

  • Induction into the wife-to-be private client forum​

  • One next steps session

The next steps after your $1,800 investment is processed are as follows:     

  1. Email your start date to Please note: your start date email must be sent at least 24 hours before your start date. And we only start people on Fridays.

  2. Your coaching agreement will be emailed to you within one business day of you emailing your start date. Your coaching agreement must be signed at least 24 hours before your start date. Please note: the remaining $1,800 will be processed one month after the first 1,800 is processed.

  3. You'll receive your client onboarding email on your start date. It'll walk you through how to take full advantage of all of your program offerings.  

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