Chicago join us on Saturday 4/27 from 4 - 7 PM to learn:

  • How to meet single, successful men

  • How to communicate better with your partner and resolve conflict 

  • How to move your relationship towards marriage from day one

  • How to find time to date whether you're single or in a relationship
  • The role sex plays in a man seeing you as wife-material and so much more!

Immediately following the workshop led by Annie White we will ask questions to our All Male Panel of married, single men and men in relationships for a fiery discussion about love, dating and relationships.  This is a treat for single women, women in relationships and married women. So grab your girlfriend and get your ticket today! Light refreshments will be served. 

chicago event for couples and singles  .

Annie White is a Top 25 Dating and Relationship Coach in the country due to her success in coaching dozens of women to marriage, engagement and relationships. She's been an expert contributor on ABC, CBS and FOX over a dozen times, where she provides skillful dating and relationship advice. Click here to watch some of her TV appearances!


Her TEDx Talk teaches women how to find Mr. Right. Click here to watch it! And she's been featured in The Philadelphia Daily News many times for her expertise in helping women get the partner and relationship they've always wanted.​​

​​Sick of Single has clients in countless cities around the world. Click here to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Annie. 

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